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We are available to assist you. If you need college information, we can provide you with toll-free telephone numbers to contact the college with your requests or we can request the information for you. We can assist you in completing the forms, however, we highly encourage all students to do the best they can as the student must become familiar with the process themselves in order to be successful at college.

Higher Ed Info

Federal Application for Student Aid
FERPA Release Form
W-9 Form
Academic Yr 19-20 Needs Analysis Form
Academic Yr 2020 Spring Needs Analysis

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Academic Year
June 15

Spring Semester
November 15th

Summer Session
April 15th

Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act Statement

The information you provide on this site is pursuant to Public Law 93-579 (Privacy Act of 1974), December 31, 1974. Although furnishing personal information to this office is voluntary, failure to supply complete and accurate information may preclude the applicant from eligibility for assistance under the scholarship programs available to us.
The information is being collected to determine elibigility of individuals applying for services. This information will be used to produce statistical records required of the Office of Indian Education Programs. Response to this request is required to obtain a benefit.

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